Wednesday, May 9, 2018

An Amazing Story

Did you know that one of Sheri Cully's students has just won Palomar's Excellence in Service Learning Award along with a $100 scholarship? 

With over 1,600 hours of community service in an 8-month period, Marisela Lopez's story is quite amazing. In class, she has been instrumental in helping her classmates with their current Service Learning Project, which is cultivating organic produce at the Fallbrook Community Garden to donate to a local food pantry. Outside of class, Marisela volunteers with putting together health fairs and mobile clinics through Vista Community Clinic and is a community liaison for people with housing, legal, and medical issues. 

In addition, Marisela and her husband, Ely Ortiz, the founder of the organization called "Aguilas del Desierto," put in countless hours searching for immigrants who have gone missing along the US/Mexico border. The grueling searches take place once a month and span the entire weekend. Here is the link to a PBS News Hour video featuring their work:

Marisela and her family are examples of true humanitarianism. We are all very proud to know her. 

Marisela has kindly lent us her project display board which showcases her volunteer work and can be viewed inside the ESL Tutoring Center on the main campus.    

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Verb Flowchart

Compared with Spanish and other languages, English verbs have relatively fewer ways to conjugate. That should make learning and mastering English easier, right? Unfortunately, many ESL students continue to struggle with such English idiosyncrasies as "third-person singular -s ending," modal verbs, ways to express future, etc.

Publisher ProLogo has come out with an online English verb flowchart that is interactive and useful to viewing all the ways an English verb can be constructed grammatically. Click here to play with it.

Friday, April 20, 2018

ESL Is...

ESL – Language Travel is not developmental, remedial, or even basic skills. Students enrolled in ESL credit coursework are foreign language learners who require additional language training in English.

See a CATESOL position statement in response to proposed legislation AB 705 last May here.

See the text of AB 705 Bill that was passed last October here.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Office Hours for Part-Time Faculty

The Union wants to remind all part-time faculty including noncredit teachers that current deadlines and new office hour forms are now available on the HR website at If you have a form to submit, please submit it to your coordinator no later than Wed. 4/18 in order to get paid.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Some of Our Sweet Summer Offerings and Flyers